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Esperides Hotel

“ESPERIDES”hotel is situated in the East part of the island 9 Khm from the town of Chios in the south and just 7 Khm from the airport . The sparkling sea , the Greek sun and the traditional hospitality are the best guarantee for unforgettable holidays HOTEL ESPERIDESST FOTINI or ST FOTIA CHIOS

The “Esperides” Hotel is a hotel situated on the beach of St. Fotini , on the island of Chios.

According to the local tradition , its pure white colour impresses everyone as it matches to the blue sea and the green mastic trees of Chios .

Next to the hotel there’s the enormous beach of St Fotini . The sparkling blue sea and the white pebbies make it one of the most popular resorts for entertainment and relaxation on the island.

In a friendly enviroment , the guest can enjoy all the conveniences that “ Esperides” offer. The spacious rooms meet the modern needs fully, offering private bath and a wonderful view of the sea from the spacious verandas. The staff of the hotel always willing , make the guests feel like home.